The heart of Hero is the people. Through our differences and our diversity, we come together as one force. Through our strengths and weaknesses, through the competition, we grind and battle, to stand in solidarity with our brothers on the front lines. With ingenuity and vision, we fight to the finish line. We win together, lose together, fight together. Hero for life.


We believe in blending the manifestations of the world of sport with the everyday, creating a movement that flows both on and off the field. Hero is for those who are audacious enough to dare to dream, no matter their age, current state or place in life. Hero is for the young and the old, for anyone committed enough to go out and chase down the dream, no matter its size.


There is no limit, no ceiling, no obstacle that is too big, too tall or too far to overcome, in the world of sport or life. With the courage to step out in the face of adversity, and the vision to be the best in what we do, we believe a new revolution is coming; both on and off the field. We as an apparel company strive to do better and be better, because losing or ‘second best’ was never an option.


We believe in the idea that greatness is not reserved for the select few. It does not discriminate against age, or size or background. It is for the ones who are willing to forge a path for themselves when no one was watching, to be their own hero. Greatness is for anyone who has the grit, strength and determination to show up on the hard days, the bad days, on the ‘feel like giving up days’, and finding the courage to keep chasing.

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